The Trilogy is Complete!

Retribution, book three of my Recompense trilogy, released this week! 

Golly, it feels good to say that. A winter’s worth of work come to completion. I’m also excited to say that, while I haven’t paid off the series yet, I’m making definite inroads. Sales have picked up significantly with the completion of the third book. I still haven’t been able to break book one into the top hundred on Amazon (within the genre) and keep it there for any length of time, either, but I have been flirting with that line continuously.

Anyway, the feedback on this series has been significant and intensely gratifying. I’ve never had this much reader response from any of my other books. Now I keep hearing from readers who are staying up too late or who aren’t get any work done. I apologize, but those are the greatest compliments you can pay an author, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t feel too terribly about it. 🙂 I’ve also gotten an earful about a certain plot twist late in book two. No apologies there. You’ll just have to make your peace with it, lol. And now that book three is out, nobody has to wait long in suspense. Which leads me to mention that this is a great time to start reading. Book one is on sale all week for .99.

The main trilogy is complete, but the series is not over. I’ve planned all along to tell Ruby’s story as book four, Abduction. It’s given in bits and pieces all throughout the trilogy but will be told in its entirety in a full-length prequel. Though Jack will never know what happened to her grandmother, you will. It’s nearly complete, but my editor had to put it on hold for several weeks. So look for it around the last day of May.

The ending of book three took me by surprise. When it came together, I had the nagging feeling that I had to write one more book and tell the rest of a certain important character’s story. I’ve now had several readers tell me the same, so I’ve already started plotting out book 5, Reprisal, a single full-length sequel. It will be the last book in the series. I guestimate a July release date.

But the main story is done. So celebrate with me! And thanks so much for reading!

Recompense series:


4 thoughts on “The Trilogy is Complete!

  1. Congratulations. Look forward to reading Retribution. Read some reviews on Amazon and that helped. I didn’t want Betrayal to end the way it did. Sounds like Retribution makes up for it. Can’t wait to spend another round of late nights because I can’t stop turning pages. Happy to know there will be a book about Ruby and a fifth book, Reprisal, which I can’t imagine at this point. You are simply amazing with the speed at which you write such thrilling books.

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