Book 4 Has Released!

Series bannerI thought I’d drop in and give you an update on my Recompense series experiment, now that book 4 has made its Amazon appearance. Last July, I planned out a 4-book (and one novella) series, a trilogy bookended by a short prequel at the beginning and a full-length prequel at the end, and hoped to finish it in a year. I did it in 10 months! I’m pretty pleased with that.

Abduction_CVR (1)If you’ve been keeping up with each new release, you’ve already completed the main trilogy. But you also know that the events of 47 years before play a tremendously important role in the series. Book four, Abduction, is the story of what happened to Jack’s grandmother, Ruby. Her character is foundational to the case Jack is called on to solve, but there is an air of mystery surrounding her. Abduction answers all those questions with a full account of her life.

So I should be done, right? Well, I planned to be. But if you finished book three, you’ll understand why readers have been calling for one more book. See, one of the main characters does NOT get a happily-ever-after, and some of you guys have been strident in demanding to know what happens to him. So I began a single, full-length sequel that will finish off the series. I’m about 40% finished, but it’s summer and I’m moving slower on this one. Look for it in August.

So how go the finances? Meh. It’s considered pretty decent for a book to pay itself off in six months. My first book has not done that. (It’s been less than 4 months.) But the books came out so close together that I’m just lumping the entire series together. And so far, I have paid for book one and the novella.

Not as good as I hoped. Certainly not good enough to move from hobby to part-time job. But the profit potential is long term. My Ella Wood series is paid off and very nicely funding this project. And I’ve got another year left in this writerly experiment and another trilogy in the planning stages. We’ll see what happens. Even if I do end up going back to work, I won’t stop writing. I’m afraid I’m an addict. I’ll just have to slow my output.

Here’s a link to the new release, as well as the rest of the series.

Recompense series:

5 thoughts on “Book 4 Has Released!

  1. So funny, I checked on Abduction today when I was on Amazon. Saw it’s been released to Kindle. I hope you eventually do a paperback. I look forward to this book and the final book.

    1. I will, Pat. I promise. I’m just behind on it. I haven’t even started formatting yet, and I need to do the back cover. I’ve been putting in a garden and catching up on stuff that I let slide all winter. But I hope to have it uploaded within a week. It takes a day or three after that. So soon. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

      1. No rush! My daughter’s wedding is two weeks away and I’m busy too. I probably won’t read it until after the wedding. I’m just excited you have completed Abduction.

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