The Recompense Series Is Finished!

Book 5 releases tomorrow! That unplanned addition to the series took me all summer! It certainly took a lower priority in my schedule than books 1-4 and two months longer to write. Summer fun with my kids claimed precedence, and I’m not sorry. Not even a little bit. (I can’t believe school started yesterday. Do summers actually get shorter every year? It seems like it!) Anyway, Reprisal is done and the series is complete! (Click on the image for info.)

To celebrate,
book one is free today only,
and book two is on sale.

A few fun series stats (mostly because I kept track this time):

  • I began brainstorming book one on June 25, 2017. Release date is September 6, 2018. That’s 14 months and 12 days.
  • Provocation took 75 hours to write at 23,290 words.
  • Recompense took 357 hours at 101,928 words.
  • Betray took 443 hours at 100,359 words.
  • Retribution took 423 hours at 105,649 words.
  • Abduction took 347 hours at 103,125 words.
  • And Reprisal took 502 hours at 105,629 words.
  • That a grand total of 2,146 hours or 53.68 40-hour work weeks.
  • Total word count is 539,980.
  • Yearly salary? Um, I was getting close to breaking even until I added another book. Ask me next year.

The Reprisal paperback is also finished and is currently working its way through Amazon’s system. Paperback links should all be functional by the weekend.

So what’s next? Currently, I’m finishing my middle grade Mountain Trilogy, even though I said I wasn’t going to write MG anymore. It’s been bothering me, having only 2 books in the “trilogy.” Length will only come in at about 40K, and I wrote 25K of that while I was waiting for feedback from my Reprisal beta readers. I expect another two weeks of actual writing, even with garden produce up to my eyeballs. So not much time invested.

After that, I have a much more significant winter project in mind. I’m jumping back into historical fiction for this one. Specifically, I’ll be writing about a tragic event that happened in my own state’s (Michigan) past that’s still very relevant today. The subject is still hush-hush for now. I’ve been playing with how to approach it. Originally I was going to lay it out as another trilogy, because self-pubs do best in series, but I think this story will be served best by one longish (150K?) novel. If I do decide on that approach, I’ll be shopping it around to trad pubs. I think the subject will have the appeal. So this one may not see light for a while. Since it’s going to require a lot of research, I expect the drafting to take till spring.

After that? Golly, I have three more series ideas to choose from!

4 thoughts on “The Recompense Series Is Finished!

  1. Congratulations! The series is complete. You are truly a writing machine! I have never known an author who writes such speed and is has several novels going at once. And, you are quite the researcher. I have been patiently waiting for the fifth book. Will watch for the paperback on Amazon. Can’t wait to read the last sequel. This series is addictive. Loved every moment I spent with the characters that are well-developed and rock! This series was dangerous and thrilling to read!

    Look forward to your new series — sound like it is very personal to you! And, I’m glad to see the Song series come an end.

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