January Middle Grade Promo

Middle Grade Jan Promo

Just a quick note this morning. Last year I hosted two multi-author promos on my blog–one was historical fiction and one was science fiction. Flash giveaways like this are a fantastic way to network with other authors, offer some great new deals to my blog readers, and expose all our books to lots of new readers. Both promos produced such fabulous results that I’ve decided to host a giveaway once every other month.

Today’s promo will appeal to my original blog readers, as it features my first love, children’s literature. Let me point out that the first title, Dreamkeeper, is written by my friend Mikey Brooks. I’ve read it, and it was fantastic. (I also know it will be free tomorrow or Wed. He’s just waiting on an Amazon screw-up.) The same can be said of The Upside of Down. Beautiful prose and classic middle grade themes. Highly, highly recommended. The others are new to me, but I’ll be grabbing up a few of them. Head over and check them out. Just click on the promo image up top.

Happy browsing!

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