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Have You Missed Me? And a Rafflecopter!

I’ve been crazy busy this spring with writerly stuff. First, I switched web hosts and I’ve been trying to get used to a crazy new setup. I actually posted last week, but between messing up the scheduling tool and having forgotten to move all of you, my lovely subscribers, over to the new site with me, I doubt if any of you saw it. That post was about the Rafflecopter I mentioned in my post title, and it’s a good one, created in conjunction with two fantastic historical fiction authors. Since that’s still going on until June 26, I’ll include the info again at the bottom.

I’ve also been taking all my series off Kindle Unlimited and putting them up on all major vendors. I have 20 titles. That takes a long time! I actually started moving my middle grade books over the winter. My Ella Wood trilogy dropped off in May, and I actually finished moving the last book in my Recompense series just this week. Finally done! (If you’re a non-Amazon reader, hop up to the “Bookshelf” page just above my banner for all titles, all blurbs, all vendors.)

In conjunction with “going wide,” I’ve completely revamped my newsletter and mailing system. While page read revenues have dropped off, I have been able to reach several hundred new readers through my mailing list. It hasn’t evened out yet, but I also haven’t been blowing all my profits on paid ads. As competition gets tougher, ad prices keep creeping up and returns keep falling. I’m hoping this new system proves more sustainable. (If you’d like to subscribe, click the green “Get Michelle’s Free Books” button above my picture.)

I’m still working on my new book historical fiction series, too. Book one, actually. Still. After completing all five Recompense books within 14 months, I thought I’d cruise right through this series. Nope. I’ve keep track. It takes me roughly THREE TIMES as long to write historical fiction. (Which means this will probably be my last HF series.) And it took me three months and three do-overs to finally get a good grip on this one. I threw out about 50K words, or half a novel, before I got going. I’m at 70K now and running strong. Hoping to finish book one by the end of the summer, but I’m still not sure if I self-publish these one at a time as I have always done or write all three and submit it to a trad publisher. Still kind of holding out for the latter.

Anyway, I also have three book reviews coming out over the next three weeks, so I’ll see you again soon!

When America Was Young RAFFLECOPTER

Three authors. Three boxed sets. Three eras that shaped America’s fate. 

Journey with us through 100 years of American history, beginning with Sarah Whitford’s adventurous Adam Fletcher series, set within the Colonial Era. Witness the dramatic birth of a nation in Lars Hedbor’s Tales of a Revolution. And finish with the heartbreak of civil war in Michelle Isenhoff’s Southern saga, Ella Wood. We’re raffling off all three 3-book series!

Everyone gets TEN chances to win.

For full details about each of the authors and series, click back to last week’s post.

Have You Missed Me? And a Rafflecopter!
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