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Editing On the Side

Ever since I finished my Taylor Davis series back in late June, I’ve been putting together a sideline business editing manuscripts for fellow authors at affordable rates. This is something I’ve been doing freely (for swap, actually) with my inner circle of authors for ten years. I’ve also “taken a look” at many a new writer’s manuscript and finally had to put limits on this, as it’s so time consuming. But I honestly love to help. I get a thrill out of watching writers develop their craft. I mean, there can never be too many good stories in the world, right? It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to aid in that process. But it’s just not practical on a wide scale. I need time to write, too!

This is my compromise. I’m open once again to reading through manuscripts for others–correcting grammar, typos, etc.; catching consistency errors; and pointing out big-picture problems like structural issues–but now I’m accepting payment. I have to. However, I’m only charging $20/hour, nowhere near the rates I often see for this same service. I know how expensive it can be to put a quality book out there, and I do want to keep my rates affordable.

I also offer interior formatting for EPUB, MOBI, and paperbacks, as well as some limited cover image services (resizing, combining, and such–NOT cover creation).

Hop over to writingUPWARD.com for full details and to see my pretty new site. And please, pass the link along to others!

Editing On the Side

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