Meet Michelle

img_0501.jpgHello! I wear many hats. I’m a teacher, mom, homeschooler, bicyclist, and author. And I’m ALWAYS a reader. This is where I feature books–the many titles I review as well as the ones I’ve written.

Here’s my fun bio since the “official” one mostly just lists the awards found farther down this page…

MICHELLE ISENHOFF writes for tweens, teens, and kids as old as 93. When she isn’t writing imaginary adventures, she’s probably off on a real one. She loves roller coasters, big dogs, high school football games, cycling, swimming in big waves, old graveyards, and wearing flip-flops all winter.  Her dream vacation would include lots of castle ruins, but so far she’s had to settle for pictures on Pinterest. Once an elementary teacher, Michelle homeschooled combinations of her three kids for twelve years. Now that the last of them has graduated to public school, she writes full time and feels like she’s on a perpetual summer vacation.

I’m also an unashamed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ—in his death, burial, and resurrection; in the reconciliation he offers between sinful man and a holy God; and in the hope and purpose he brings to humanity. As such, I’ll never include profanity or objectionable content in books meant for children. Works intended for older readers are written with conscionable restraint. My fiction is non-religious.

In a genre dominated by traditional publishers, I’m thrilled to have received the following accolades:

  • Reader-nominated for a 2016 Cybils Award (Recompense)
  • Awarded Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal, 2017 (Blood of Pioneers)
  • Awarded Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal, 2016 (Song of the Mountain)
  • Reader-nominated for a 2016 Cybils Award (Blood Moon)
  • Awarded Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal, 2016 (The Quill Pen)
  • Awarded Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal, 2016 (The Candle Star)
  • Finalist for the 2015 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award (Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul)
  • Reader-nominated for a 2013 Cybils Award (Song of the Mountain)
  • Semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Review 2013 Book Awards (Song of the Mountain)
  • Librarian-nominated for the 2012 Great Michigan Read (Divided Decade Collection)
  • Teacher-nominated for the 2012 Maine Student Book Award (The Color of Freedom)

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Candle Star logo white

My work has been lauded by teachers and homeschoolers alike and is regularly purchased for classroom use. Educators are invited to request free digital copies.

I’m the foundering member of the tween-focused Emblazon website.

Candle Star Press is my personal imprint.

To keep the genres separate, my Christian fiction (including my popular Christmas plays) is published under my nickname, Shell Isenhoff. I share thoughts of a more personal nature on my other blog, The Book and the Author.

10 thoughts on “Meet Michelle

  1. Hi Michelle, have just discovered your blog through a Facebook link by D Robert Pease and am glad I did! I have 4 homeschooling kids who are 12, 9, 7 & 4 & all voracious readers, so finding new work is an ongoing task. I am now planning to stalk you! Lin x

    1. Great to meet you, Lin. (D. Robert is the best, isn’t he?) Say, I have homeschoolers, too, right in that age range. Actually, two of them went to the local public school this year, so I’m down to one, but I’m certainly familiar with the time and commitment it requires. Glad to have you aboard! 🙂

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