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Confessions of a Newly Full-Time Writer

I’ve been pretty silent on here lately. Those who have been hanging with me awhile know everything changed for me last spring when I decided to send my last homeschooler to public school. I made the decision to go mercenary–write in a popular genre and see what I could accomplish and what kind of money […]

Ebb Tide: African American Soldier POW Trial

This is the second in a three-part series about writing and researching my upcoming young adult historical fiction novel, Ebb Tide, the third book in my Ella Wood trilogy. (Part 1: The Port Royal Experiment.) Ebb Tide continues the theme of the evolution of Black soldiers in the Civil War, begun in Blood Moon. The First (July […]

Clean Indie Reads Reviews–Song of the Mountain

I know it’s my off week, but this is too fun not to post. Lia London from Clean Indie Reads has started a YouTube channel of super short video reviews of books listed on that website. Lia herself created this hilarious review for one of my middle grade books, Song of the Mountain. I simply had to […]

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