Michelle Isenhoff


Bailey's Home!

Bailey is  home and adjusting to three paws very well. She looks a mess. The incision is naked and ragged, swollen and bruised. We’re keeping it covered with a towel because she’s cold with no fur, but also because it’s just plain hard to look at. She’s walking on her own. Her balance is still […]

A Bailey Update

The word “cancer” has become part of our vocabulary around here. My husband and kids are aware of the situation now and everyone’s dealing okay–Bailey best of all. She went back to the vet yesterday to get her stitches out and she’s romping around like nothing ever happened. Of course we know there are still […]


If you’ve clicked on Bailey’s image in my sidebar, chances are you heard about her fight with cancer. If not, you can catch up here. I’ve kept a running list of posts as they appeared because they get buried quickly. They Say Bad Luck Comes in Sets of Three A Bailey Update To Amputate or […]

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