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Joss the Seven (Guild of Seven, 1), by J. Philip Horne, 2016

The next book I’d like to feature from my Colorado trip is an example of self-publishing at its finest. J. Philip Horne has a natural ability to craft a story, his prose flows smooth as fresh cream, and he’s taken great care with the editing process. That’s a great beginning. Kudos, Mr. Horne!! So…how about […]

Tomato and Pea: A Bad Idea, by Erik Weibel, 2013

I believe it was back in early 2011 when I first met Erik Weibel. I had been blogging for a few months but had struggled to give my blog a cohesive direction. That was back when I thought publishers would knock down my door if I posted a few samples of my writing online. I […]

The Accidental Hero (A Jack Blank Adventure, book one), by Matt Myklousch, 2010, Book Review

This book was recommended to me by Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks. In fact, he reviewed it in a guest post here on my blog. This summer, when he reviewed the sequel on his blog, I decided book one might be a great read-aloud to start out my son’s homeschool year. Erik assured me he would love […]

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula, by Elise Stokes, 2010, Book Review

I met Elise Stokes recently in a forum post discussing clean content in children’s literature. I was intrigued enough by our conversation to order her book, Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula. I’m glad I did! Not only are its pages free of objectionable content, they contain all the ingredients required for a superb adventure. […]

The Accidental Hero (A Jack Blank Adventure), by Matt Myklusch, 2011, Book Review by Erik, Age 9

Jack Blank and The Imagine Nation A.K.A. The Accidental Hero A.K.A. A Jack Blank Adventure By Matt Myklusch Published in 2010 by Aladdin 480 pages –Ages 9-12 Jack Blank And the Imagine Nation – The Accidental Hero – A Jack Blank Adventure: Call it what you want, it’s an awesome book! 12-year-old Jack Blank doesn’t […]

Here Comes Mr. Trouble, 2011, by Brett Battles, Book Review – Bargain eBooks

An above-normal student and an all-around good kid, Eric can’t figure out his recent string of bad luck. The missing homework. The sudden problem with bullies. The strange noises only he can hear. Objects appearing out of thin air. This must involve something more than luck.  But what? Here Comes Mr. Trouble starts off suspenseful […]

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