Divided Decade Collection

Civil War Historical Fiction
Middle Grade

Series nominated for the 2012 Great Michigan Read.
Awarded two Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Seals.

Likened to the rich literary style of Ann Rinaldi but with its own twist of adventure, The Divided Decade series wraps American history in exciting, kid-pleasing packages. Find out why so many teachers have incorporated this Civil War historical fiction series into classrooms across America. Lesson plans and additional resources are available for each.

thecandlestar_cover-original-no-dd-awardThe Candle Star

Lexile score: 800L

Runaways hidden in the barn; slave catchers lodged in the hotel.

Danger is the last thing Emily Preston thought she’d encounter in her uncle’s hotel. She was forced to travel to Detroit, sent by her parents from their plantation home. Now she’s vowed to become the most disagreeable houseguest ever. She doesn’t count on Uncle Isaac’s iron will. And she has no idea what to do with Malachi, the son of freed slaves who challenges every idea she’s grown up believing. Malachi’s words finally begin to sink in when Emily stumbles across two runaways hidden in her uncle’s barn. And his lessons are about to become personal as she’s drawn into operations of the Underground Railroad. Meanwhile, Mr. Burrows, the charming Southern slave catcher, is only yards away, lodged in the hotel.



BloodOfPioneers_no_DD seal.jpg.Blood of Pioneers

Lexile score: 780L

Will war provide adventure only for boys?

Hannah Wallace craves excitement, but all local adventures dried up long ago, when her parents unpacked their wagon on the Michigan frontier. Then war breaks out and her father and older brother leave to fight the Confederacy. Hannah is left at home chafing under the boredom of never-ending chores, jealous of her brother’s lucky opportunity, and haunted by old memories–until unscrupulous speculators set their sights on the unmanned farm. The one place she longs to leave suddenly becomes the one place she’ll risk everything to save.




BeneathTheSlashings_cover original no DDBeneath the Slashings

Lexile score: 740L

The war is over, but Grace’s troubles have just begun.

(Slashings–n. Broken branches, splintered trunks, and other debris left on the ground after lumbering: The slashings lay strewn about like casualties of war, cold, gray and skeletal.)

Grace Nickerson’s life has been shattered by four years of war. She’s desperate to return to a sense of normalcy, but soon after her father returns, he sells the farm and drags the family to a lumber camp in Michigan’s northern wilderness. Living in the primitive camp is dangerous enough, with its rough loggers and hard-bitten soldiers, but then a series of accidents prove intentional. Who is sabotaging the camp, and why? Will the winter in the woods bring the healing Grace’s family needs? Or will it drive a wedge between Grace and her father?



thecandlestar_Divided Decade Boxed Set

Includes the complete Divided Decade Collection:

The Candle Star
Blood of Pioneers
Beneath the Slashings