Ella Wood Trilogy

Civil War Historical Fiction
Women’s / Young Adult 

Nominated for a 2016 Cybils award (Blood Moon).

Ella Wood cover 2Ella Wood

Will Emily forego love for a chance at independence?

Emily Preston wants only to become an artist. As the nation teeters on the brink of civil war, she must wage her own battle against the restrictive ideology of her father. Women belong at home on the plantation beneath the watchful eye of a husband or father–NOT at a university. But several schools in the North have opened their doors to women. How can she make her father see just how much it means to her to study under a master?

Independence isn’t the only contentious point between them. A recent visit to her uncle’s home in Detroit has called Emily’s entire upbringing into question, but her father doesn’t appreciate her criticisms of his management of Ella Wood, the Preston family plantation. Then there’s the problem of Thaddeus Black, the handsome, charming young man who simply won’t take no for an answer. It could be that the real fight lies within her heart, which stubbornly refuses to accept that a choice for independence must be a choice against love.

  • For a pictorial representation of many of the historical characters and places mentioned in Ella Wood, visit the Ella Wood Pinterest board.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the fascinating research that went into Ella Wood.

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blood moon coverBlood Moon

Charleston lies in ruins and so, it seems, does Emily’s future. Now that her father has banished her from Ella Wood over her vocal disapproval of slavery, independence looks far more terrifying. And without her father’s pocketbook, her ability to fund her education is in question. Then, when Emily makes it clear that she intends to pursue the university anyway, Thad’s hidden sentiments come to light. She’s forced to a decision. Will she choose the man she’s come to love or the art she’s always loved?

  • For a pictorial representation of many of the historical characters and places mentioned in Blood Moon, visit the Blood Moon Pinterest board.
  • Get a behind-the-scene look at some of the fascinating research that went into Blood Moon.




Ebb Tide coverEbb Tide

When the Union navy fires on Charleston, Emily must flee to Ella Wood—and to a father who has never forgiven her for attending the Maryland Institute against his will. There, she grapples with Jack’s secret plans for the plantation and his final admonition that she carry them to fruition. But as a woman under the authority of her father, evoking even the slightest change may prove too much to hope for. In the meantime, old jealousies place Emily’s life in danger, and her desperate hope for Jovie’s return begins to fade. As the war rumbles to its conclusion, she must draw upon every ounce of courage in one final bid for love and freedom.



Ella Wood Novellas

Lizzie, Jack, Jovie…you’ve grown to love Ella Wood’s characters. Now get to know them better. This upcoming series of novellas, available exclusively for Kindle, will fill in additional details in the Ella Wood trilogy’s main story line. Experience Lizzie and Ketch’s escape north. Follow Jack into the Confederate army. And find out exactly what happened to Jovie after Gettysburg.

*To avoid spoilers within the original Ella Wood trilogy, Lizzie should be read anytime after book 1, Ella Wood. Jack should be read anytime after book two, Blood Moon. And Jovie should be read following book three, Ebb Tide.

Get all three Ella Wood novellas in one quick, easy download!

ella novellas boxed set




Fleeing Ella Wood and haunted by her past…

Lizzie has made it aboard ship without anyone guessing her deception, but many miles still lie between South Carolina and freedom in Canada. With two small children to hide, she and Ketch will no longer have their former master’s daughter, Emily, nearby to protect them. They’ll need to rely on their wits, their strength, and each other.

Though Lizzie loves Ketch and longs to merge their two small families, she’s still haunted by that violent night at Ella Wood nearly a year before that resulted in the birth of her son. Will she be able to put that nightmare behind her? Will the North hold the peace, safety, freedom, and love she so desperately desires?

But before the steamer even leaves Charleston harbor, fire breaks out in the city, threatening the wharf and their carefully laid plans…


Available on Amazon until Halloween. Then only in Boxed Set.



Jack.jpgKeeping secrets is a lonely business when they’re as dangerous as Jack’s.

For the better part of a decade, Jack has lived a double life. To all appearances, he’s the spoiled heir to one of Charleston’s wealthiest plantations. But his life would be forfeit and his family in jeopardy if anyone knew what he’d really been up to. He’d be shunned from polite society if anyone guessed his plans for Ella Wood. So he maintains his lonely façade, with no realistic hopes of marriage and only slaves to confide in.

When war comes to Charleston, Jack enlists in the South Carolina infantry. But military service brings him into contact with a beautiful and unlikely confidante. Will his dreams for Ella Wood outlast the war? Will his new love?.


Available on Amazon until Halloween. Then only in Boxed Set.



Handsome young man on a lake's shore at dusk of a sunny, peaceful day, standing

Alone in enemy territory, anonymity means the difference between life or death.

After taking a bullet at Gettysburg, a clever maneuver lands Jovie in a Northern hospital instead of a POW camp. Staying alive means remaining unidentified. But when a devastating amputation claims his leg, Jovie loses the will to live. His best friend died at Antietam a year ago, and the woman he’s loved since childhood has made it clear that she doesn’t return his affection. Why not just blurt out his secret and let it claim his life?

A chance encounter with a Confederate spy offers him new purpose, and the rush of their subterfuge distracts him from despair. But adrenalin is a poor substitute for hope. Despite her refusal, Jovie just can’t forget the woman he still loves. Will he find the courage to renew his pursuit despite his disfigurement? Will it be enough to bring him home?

In this game of chance, will he even live long enough for it to matter?


Available on Amazon until Halloween. Then only in Boxed Set.


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