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Recompense reviews

Leave an honest review for Recompense and I’ll send you the link for a free download of book two, Betrayal.

Writing a review isn’t nearly as hard as you think; it requires only one or two sentences. Think of it as leaving a memo for potential readers letting them know whether the book is worth picking up or not. After all, you’re the newest expert! Most Amazon customers do browse reader feedback and use it to aid their purchasing decisions, but very few readers actually leave any. Since books with a substantial number of reviews are taken more seriously by potential customers, authors appreciate them too. Personally, I like to thank those who put in the effort on my behalf.
Here’s how to get your complimentary copy of Betrayal:

  1. Write your review on the Amazon page. Within a few minutes, Amazon will email you to let you know it has finished processing.
  2. Forward the email to misenhoff@hotmail.com. I’ll reply with a link to Betrayal on BookFunnel. BookFunnel offers a choice of mobi or epub and makes delivery to your device super easy.

I usually reply within a day or two, but on occasion, these go to my spam folder. If you don’t hear from me in two days, give me a poke on Facebook (Michelle Athearn Isenhoff) or leave a message in the comments below.
Thanks so much!

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