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5-Q Interview with Lars Hedbor

I haven’t posted a 5-Q interview since last year. It’s time I ended that streak. Joining me today is historical fiction author and Revolutionary War buff, Lars Hedbor. If you missed it, on Monday I posted a review of his novel, The LIght, which is the second book in his Tales of a Revolution series and his first […]

How do You Measure Success?

The publishing industry has limits on how many books it can produce each year, which has always made published authors part of an exclusive club. But not anymore. Digital publishing has swung open the door of opportunity to anyone willing to undertake (or hire out) the legwork involved in producing a book. It’s an exciting […]

5-Q Interview with Author Christina Daley and GIVEAWAY

Today I’m talking with Christina Daley, author of Seranfyll and Eligere.  If you missed either of those reviews, click on the links.   Christina, I’ve been very impressed with the overwhelmingly positive messages in the Seranfyll series. I wonder if you’d share your inspiration for developing it. Oh, and please include how you came up with the […]

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