I picked up this Young Adult novel for free when I was checking out some of the author’s other books, even though I don’t read historical fiction, and I’m so glad I did! I was wonderfully surprised to read such a professionally written and edited story from an indie author. It can be done, people!

R.A. White Goodreads Reviewer (The Candle Star)

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It is so action-packed! The plot is totally unique. This is one of those books I think would make a GREAT movie.

Erik Weible, age 12 This Kid Reviews Books (Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul)

Michelle Isenhoff has a new fan in me! SONG OF THE MOUNTAIN is a beautiful story, lushly told in rich, descriptive language that is almost poetic.

Terry Soileau Author (Song of the Mountain)


Lia London Author and Middle School Teacher (Song of the Mountain)

ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!! It was spot on in every way. The writing is flawless. The characters are richly detailed and endearing. The pace is perfect. The plot is engaging. This is a book that shows the true value of an independent author. It has all the quality of a traditionally published book and more. I enjoyed it as much as anything I’ve read in a long time.

Melissa Gill Amazon Reviewer (Song of the Mountain)

This is a story I would have wanted to read at age 10, but I’m so glad I got to read it at 40!

Diane Estrella Amazon Reviewer (The Quill Pen)

As I flew through the book, I kept thinking to myself how much my kids would love this. Then it dawned on me—this must be a middle grade or young adult novel. I usually don’t read MG, or even YA, but I didn’t care. I had to find out what happened next.

Brian Braden Underground Book Reviews (The Quill Pen)

Once again, Michelle Isenhoff has delivered a page-turner.

Sandra Allen Amazon Reviewer (Ella Wood)

Michelle Isenhoff proves her skill as an outstanding literary author in her recent YA novel ELLA WOOD. Bold, captivating and highly researched, with distinct characters and a realistic plot centered around South Carolina’s role in the Civil War, I highly recommend it!

Patricia Tilton Books That Heal (Ella Wood)

Warning—Blood Moon is unputdownable! I’ve been very cranky with my needy family as they forced me to attend to other things instead of sitting down to enjoy this book!

“Love Reading” Amazon Reviewer (Blood Moon)

Cool story. It reminded me of Percy Jackson. Non-stop adventure. Also, Taylor’s funny. I liked it a lot.

Boy, aged 12 Wishing Shelf Book Award Judge (Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul)

A thrilling adventure. Funny and packed full of twists and turns. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards http://www.thewsa.co.uk (Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul)

I liked many things. Firstly, the characters were very funny. Secondly, the speech was well written. Thirdly, the cliffhanger at the end is cool. I will read the rest [in the series]. I’m presently on Clash of Kingdoms and it’s just as good.

Girl, aged 13 Wishing Shelf Book Award Judge (Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul)

The Candle Star is an incredibly engaging read. It is charged with characters’ firsthand accounts of slave auctions, a speech by legendary abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and clashing opinions on race, all of which add a sense of historical legitimacy to the text, as well as tying into current ideas and climates.

Melissa Tanaka Readers’ Favorite (The Candle Star)

The story is magical and enchanting. Twists and turns will keep readers glued to the story till the very end. It can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Mamta Madhavan Readers’ Favorite (The Quill Pen)

As a retired reading teacher, I can honestly say that this is one of the sweetest stories I have ever read.

Lisa McCombs Readers’ Favorite (Blood of Pioneers)