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World Premier Performance!

Tomorrow I get to write my name next to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rodgers and Hammerstein!
Okay, my hometown isn’t exactly Broadway.  And an audience of 200-300 doesn’t exactly compare to the millions who’ve viewed “Phantom.”  All right, all right, half of those in attendance probably will be parents and grandparents come to wave to the toddlers taking the stage between acts.  Even so, tomorrow marks my debut as writer and director of an original musical!
This year (my eighth writing – and sixth directing – the MBC Christmas play), I’ve taken one obscure verse from Luke 2 and created a five act play around the life of Anna, the old woman who holds baby Jesus in the temple.  Along with the script, I’ve composed six original songs and created a new arrangement for a favorite old hymn.  Now the MBC players have breathed life into it, and it’s ready for tomorrow’s world premier!  (Due to a general lack of town population, it will also be the only showing.)
So tomorrow night at 6:00 pm, if you enjoy the sights and sounds of Broadway, and if you appreciate the true meaning of the Christmas season, you’re invited to join us for this festive occasion.   Hope to see you there!

World Premier Performance!

4 thoughts on “World Premier Performance!

  1. Wow, Michelle! I totally wish I could be there to see this production. It sounds so original and fun! I’m sure it’s going to be great! Will it be video taped??

  2. Thanks!! I just got home. What a long day!
    I don’t enjoy writing music as much as stories, but it sure added a lot of emotion to the script. And the three guys who did the comic song were absolutely hilarious! Kinda wish I had it recorded now. 🙂 Actually it might be; I forgot to talk to the recorder afterwards to see what she did exactly.

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