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The Squeaky Award

Squeaky Award 2To show my appreciation for excellent and squeaky clean children’s literature, I’ve designed my own blog award to bestow on those books I happen to find extra special. To qualify for the Squeaky Award, a book needs to meet the following criteria:

1.  I have to really, really like the story, because, well, you know, this is my blog and my award.

2.  The book must be free of profanity.

3.  The book must be free of content inappropriate for its target audience. Any difficult subject matter must be handled in a kid-friendly way. This is purely my judgement call, because once again, this is my blog. You may design your own award.

Since it’s creation in 2012, I’ve given Squeaky honors to many of my favorites. For a complete list of winners, locate the category by that name in my sidebar.

The Squeaky Award

9 thoughts on “The Squeaky Award

  1. Hey Michelle, I would like to add your other books to our library. I have” Broken Ladders.” This school year has sort of been a blur….so we haven’t read it yet, we will though. I read some of it. You are talented. Next year I will have 5 home schooled, so I will have them be one of the kids reading list. Probably Allan, he will be in 8th grade. Do you think that would be a good age reader for your books. The high schoolers have a reading list and Lit. class, online. I will also have a 5th grader. I’m sure I will enjoy your books. So send a copy and bill for 1 of each of your other books. We are probably going to be moving soon, so preferably before June. Thanks. God Bless you and your family , Michelle.

    1. Hey Mel, I’m so flattered! Yes, my Civil War books are meant for grades 5-8, the content of “The Quill Pen” is okay for as low as third but with a reading level of probably fifth, and “The Color of Freedom” has some war (Revolution) content, so I place it at age 12+. I’ll get those out to you today or tomorrow and shoot you an email. Thanks!

    1. Ha, ha, ha! I will probably go back and add the award to some of my past favorites, but wouldn’t it look kind of funny if I awarded my own work? Thanks for the nomination, though!

  2. YAY! All books should have a rating like this (so I don’t have to pre-read everything my kids want to read)! Great idea. I’ll look for the sqeaky seal of approval!
    I also like “This is purely my judgement call, because once again, this is my blog. You may design your own award. :)”
    You crack me up 🙂

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