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Sea Cutter, by Timothy L. Davis, 2011, Book Review

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I’m going to postpone the book review I had planned for today and feature instead a super novel by Tim Davis. I reviewed the book a year ago, but seeing as it was such a fun read and seeing that it just won first place in the International Digital Award’s YA category (!!!), I decided to feature it again, here on MMGM. I like to give recognition to indie authors where that recognition is due, and it’s definitely due here. Read what two of the judges had to say about Sea Cutter:

“Timothy Davis weaves a beautiful coming of age story into the backdrop of the raging Atlantic…Strong on loyalty and the value of honesty, I recommend this book to anyone who loves and appreciates the priceless gift of a well-written story.” –Anna Kittrell

“If I could ‘like’ this book twice, I would! Mr. Davis has a new fan here.” –Calisa Rhose

And without further adieu, here are my own thoughts:

“He’s not dead!”
“Please Nathaniel. It’s been two years. He’s not coming back,” my mother begged.
“How can you give up on him?” I yelled.
Nat’s heart tells him his father survived the shipwreck. But where is he? Why has he left Nat and his mother to a pauper’s existence in New Bedford? Then Nat receives a package from his father, one that had been stolen and delivered years late. One containing treasure. The accompanying letter indicates that his father may be alive on an island in the Atlantic, but none of the sea dogs in New Bedford’s harbor believe in the island’s existence. None of them but the one with hard, snakelike eyes…
Nat eventually persuades an old family friend to make the voyage, but he accomplishes it with deceit. As they sail, Nat’s dishonesty grows and broadens, finally enmeshing him in a murderous scheme. How did a simple lie grow so monstrous? Will it cost him the very things he holds most dear?
Sea Cutter is a cleanly written adventure with lots of positives. It celebrates truth, family, friendship, honor and forgiveness, and it does so with a LOT of excitement. Mr. Davis has sections of absolutely beautiful prose, but his greatest strength is a flair for creating danger. He’s a master of foreshadowing, and each chapter ending leaves Nat in impossible scrapes. The tale twists and turns in some unexpected directions, but some well-planted clues help us guess at others. It’s a fun read for anyone, but boys especially will eat up the exploits of this swashbuckling, brave young hero.
Sea Cutter is just .99 and available as a Kindle download and on Smashwords.
The Bookworm Blather Squeaky Award was not in existence when I first read Sea Cutter.  However, I’m happy to bestow the honor now.

Sea Cutter, by Timothy L. Davis, 2011, Book Review

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  1. Adventure! Always something to love.
    PS: I received Beneath the Slashings in the mail. Thank you. Reading it right now. My 14-y-o son read the entire book yesterday!

  2. Thanks, Michelle, for this wonderful blog, and especially for the Squeaky Award! Thanks, everyone, for your comments!! 😀

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