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The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventures trilogy, book two), Matt Myklusch, 2011

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Matt Myklush did it again. The Secret War, book two of the Jack Blank series, is 525 pages of awesomeness. It’s fun, it’s dynamic, it’s unpredictable, and it’s clean. My son and I read it together for homeschool. We never seemed able to stick to our allotted real aloud time and finished it in less than two weeks! It’s just as good as book one. If you haven’t read it, start with that review.
Jack Blank isn’t your average kid. He was raised in an orphanage in the real world, but when he turned thirteen, he was taken to the Imagine Nation, an obscure part of Earth where superheroes and super villains reside. There he learned about and developed his own powers. Jack can talk to machines and make them do what he wants. A handy skill when dealing with Rüstovs—bionic robots that seek to take over the universe.
In book one, Jack found out he’s infected with a virus that turns normal folks into Rüstovs. It proved ineffectual against him, but plenty of people still wanted him dead, including the Imagine Nation’s smartest, richest, and most egotistical resident, Jonas Smart. But when Jack saved the world at the end of the book, he gained rock star status with the public at large. That’s where book two starts.
Jack was signing autographs left and right, succeeding in superhero training school, and enjoying the company of his two best friends, Skerren and Allegra. But the secret he learned about his future which connects him to the worst Rüstov agent in history (I won’t explain further in case you haven’t read book one) catches him up in a web of lies and separate him from his friends just when he needs their help most. The virus is part of a Rüstov plan to take over every machine on earth. To make matters worse, the virus inside Jack begins to speak to him. And then Jonas Smart learns Jack’s darkest secrets. With a major shadow of doubt hanging over him, Jack must overcome the most insurmountable odds in this race against time.
This book is very involved and cleverly woven, with lots of suspense, twists, and turns. It’s a fun one with absolutely no objectionable content. And it sets up book three beautifully. I can’t wait to read it. I’ll be sure to post my review!
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The Secret War (Jack Blank Adventures trilogy, book two), Matt Myklusch, 2011
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