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A Measure of Disorder (Mother Earth Series, book 1), by Alan Tucker

a measure of disorderWho knew a simple science field trip could turn into such a whale of an adventure? Jenni Kershaw and her classmates can’t seem to find the bus for the return trip to school. Then they notice the landscape has changed, the vegetation is unfamiliar, not to mention the peculiar talking wildlife. They’ve been brought to an entirely new world.
Alan Tucker has a wild imagination, down to the tiniest, seemingly insignificant detail. But all those details become important as Jenni and her friends change form and learn to survive on Mother. This one is more than just an adventure, though. It touches on some deeper themes: balance, the shape of one’s soul (reflected in outward appearance), good vs. evil, and the problem of living within societal expectations that just don’t fit. (Prediction: I think if society doesn’t change in the next two books, there’s going to be some serious breaking out of those expectations!)
Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Things that happen out of our control happen for a reason. Even if we can’t always understand what that reason might be.” Sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it? Though in this fictional world, Mother itself is the ultimate Authority.
A Measure of Disorder is unique and surprised me in many ways. My only complaint is that while there was some terrific action and adventure, it didn’t bring me to any highs or lows. The emotional tone of the book felt a little too steady for my taste. But I enjoyed the read, and I was absolutely amazed at the far-reaching effects of the changes taking place in the kids on Mother. Kudos, Mr. Tucker, on a well thought out tale!
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Alan TuckerAlan Tucker, is a dad, a graphic designer, and a soccer coach. Mostly in that order. He’s also an Emblazon author. “I wanted to write books that I’d enjoy reading. Books that I hoped my kids would enjoy too!”
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A Measure of Disorder (Mother Earth Series, book 1), by Alan Tucker

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  1. Sounds like a book that has a “consciousness” to it! We really need more books that focus on the good things kids are doing and the importance of appreciating the earth. Like that emphasis on Mother — reminding us of the creative force behind everything and our need to care for it. My thoughts are based on your comments. The book has a spiritual feel to me.

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