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Taylor Davis: A Lorry Named Myra

This is the last in a three-part series featuring the research that went into my newest book, Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms.

(Part 1: Elmina Slave Fortress; Part 2: African Tricksters.)

One of my favorite characters from my Taylor Davis novel is Q, an agent (angel) with a passion for WWI relics. Since Taylor and Elena have no supernatural powers, one of Q’s jobs is to provide transportation for them during their infrequent visits to Heaven. In book one, every time he flies his chariot he’s wearing the flight helmet and goggles of a WWI flying ace. This time around, he modifies an old transport lorry as the go-between vehicle. As I had no prior knowledge of vintage trucks, I had to do a little investigating. My research introduced me to Myra.

Myra was a Commer lorry, Commer being short for the Commercial Car Company that began cranking out military vehicles at the outbreak of WWI. She was driven by privates Joseph Coxhead and John Chisholm and used to transport ammunition on the European front. The story isn’t unique, really.

There were tens of thousands of drivers and trucks that saw service in a huge war. But this story has survived, and the pictures and facts presented by Stephen and Susan Cocks on the website Tommy at War put faces to it. I’d encourage you to click on over there and take a peek into the story of two young men who served their country nearly a hundred years ago.

This is my favorite part of research–the uncovering of little gems like this one.

Taylor Davis and the Clash of Kingdoms will release January 1, 2014.

Taylor Davis: A Lorry Named Myra

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