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Secret of Haunted Bog (Monster Moon, 2), by BBH McChiller

haunted bog
Last week I reviewed book one in the Monster Moon series. When we finished reading it for homeschool last fall, my boys begged me to buy the second one. So we set aside our scheduled book for two weeks and purchased The Secret of Haunted Bog. They were totally caught up in the continuing story and especially appreciated the scenes that featured Vlad the Pirate Rat, their favorite character. They can’t wait for book three, due out soon. Somehow, both of these books were overlooked on my blog schedule. I’m fixing that oversight! Here’s the review I left on Amazon last fall:
In this spooky adventure, AJ, Emily, and their friend Freddy are back for more fun. This time they find themselves in a haunted bog outside Chinatown. But is it really haunted, or could it be hiding something?
After devouring the first book in the series, my tween boys enthusiastically jumped into this one. They weren’t disappointed. The authors’ unique wit and haunting style continue in the same kid-pleasing manner. The setting is colorful and unique. The characters are old friends. And the plot kept my boys engaged and guessing. And this mom was pleased to find yet a second spine-tickler without any spiritual or gory negatives.
Grab a copy for 2.99.

Secret of Haunted Bog (Monster Moon, 2), by BBH McChiller

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  1. Thanks for the comments this week and last, guys. Sorry, I’ve been away without internet. This is a fabulous series. Lynn, when is book 3 coming out? In time for Halloween, I hope!

  2. This sounds like a great book. It is good to find one that kids really enjoy and can’t wait to read. thanks for the review, I love the cover, too!

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