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Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods, by T. Man

Tony the Phony and the Northern WoodsTony the PhonyToday I’m part of a very special blog event hosted by T. Man, a 10-year-old author and homeschooler who has just completed his SECOND book! When T. Man was only 8, he partnered with his older brother, M. Man, on a special homeschool writing project that resulted in their first published book, Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion. This year, T. Man went solo and just finished the second book in the series, Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods. Written in the engaging style of a Choose Your Own Adventure™, each book is available for .99 on Amazon.
But today T. Man has chosen to share his new book with his readers in its entirety in a special interactive virtual event. Seven different bloggers are hosting sections of his story. The fun begins on T. Man’s blog. At the end of each page YOU have to decide how the story will go. Each choice will lead you to a new blog. You have the possibility of landing on any of four endings. Of course, when you finish you can always go back to the beginning and start again. Choose wisely!
(I’m hosting one of the conclusions. Head over to T. Man’s blog to begin and I may see you back here at the end of your story.)


Tony the Phony and the Northern WoodsWhat do we do?” asked Ed.
“We fight it, I guess,” said Tony.
“Are you crazy?”
“Hang on a minute,” said Tony. “I got it! Give me your underwear.”
“Why me? Can’t you use yours?”
“I’m not wearing any.”
“All right. Here,” said Ed.
“Do you have a tomato in that backpack?”
“Yes, I was going to put it on my sandwich. Are you hungry?”
“No. Give it to me while I get some sticks,” said Tony.
Tony used the sticks and underwear and made a slingshot just in time. Because the zombie did a cowabunga jump off the top of the plane and charged them.
“Fire!” said Ed.
Tony let go of the underwear and the tomato hit the zombie in the eye.
“Yes!” yelled Tony.
The zombie let out a roar so loud that Tony and Ed fell to the ground and covered their ears. Then it stumbled around blindly and ran into a tree. With a crash that shook the ground, it fell over unconscious.
“Let’s go!” said Tony.
Ed grabbed his underwear and they ran to a house and called the police.

The End

Go back to the beginning and choose again.


pawprint2Author T. Man co-authored his first Kindle book at age 8 and ran his first 5K at age 10. He likes the Detroit Lions and monster trucks. He loves to visit Great Wolf Lodge with his cousins, and he’s conquerered every roller coaster at Cedar Point. He has no idea what he wants to do when her grows up, but he hopes it includes eating a lot of popcorn.

Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods, by T. Man

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  1. What a clever series T. Man. Love the idea of picking your own alternative ending and I like the variety of choices. Great to see another teen writing and learning the publishing business.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Pat! He’s actually only 10, and bouncing around here like mad this morning, lol. This was written as an entry for the Write Michigan contest. He didn’t win, but I think this is just as fun for him.

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