Dumpsters and Dinosaurs, by Lois D. Brown

Just a quick note before I get to today’s review to let you know that Blood Moon is FINALLY available in paperback!


dumpsters and dinosThis is a fun new release by fellow Emblazoner Lois D. Brown who, as you may recall, wrote a fantastic young adult series I really enjoyed. (The first book, Cycles, was a top 5 finisher in the 2012 Kindle Book Review Book Awards and is now priced free everywhere. Here’s my review, written before I knew her.) This new one is my favorite middle grade title by this talented writer.

Silly, funny, and just a little outrageous, Dumpsters & Dinosaurs has true kid appeal. Twelve-year-old Steven Walker has just moved to Vernal, Idaho, but making friends isn’t easy for a kid who works part time as a janitor and wears jeans from Goodwill. Fortunately—or unfortunately?—a bit of rubbish he saved out of the museum’s garbage bin is about to change everything.

The story is cute, and the word pictures Ms. Brown created made me chuckle. (ig. Three wiener dogs could fit inside of it.) She speaks like a kid without sounding absurd and nails those awkward tween moments, like trying to chew in front of cute girls without making funny noises. A story that will keep kids entertained and turning pages. My only caution is some evolutionary science that doesn’t jive with a Creationist point of view. Recommended for kids ages 8+.

Grab a copy from Amazon!

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