I’ll Be Seeing You, by Lurlene McDaniel

Ill_Be_Seeing_YouI have to admit, this one was extremely sappy and predictable and I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. But my teen daughter loved it. And it’s clean. So I guess it’s worth a quick review for teens and parents of teens who like sticky sweet drama without all the hot and heavy.

Lurlene McDaniel has made something of a name for herself with many, many titles that deal with death, dying, disease, and other similar misfortunes. This one fits right in there. Sixteen-year-old Carley had cancer as a child, and the invasive surgery that saved her life also disfigured her face. She’s often taunted or just plain ignored. No boy will ever look at her twice. They certainly wouldn’t take time get to know the girl beneath the scars when there are so many other beautiful girls to choose from. Until a rollerblading accident lands her back in the hospital where she meets Kyle.

Kyle lost his vision in a chemistry accident. He’s scared, alone, and he welcomes Carley’s friendship. But when his sight begins to return, Carley’s afraid he’ll dump her once he sees her face. So she decides to leave him before he has the chance to hurt her.

I bet you can guess how it ends. I did. No surprises here. But the characters are likeable, and the bittersweet angst is right up a romantic teen girl’s alley. And as I said, this one is squeaky clean. At 1.99, the price is definitely right. Going on a road trip with a teen girl? This light read might fit the bill.

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