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The Maladorn Scroll (Alora, 3), by Tamie Dearen

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I have to put in a plug for a series I’ve featured before. Book three of the Alora series, The Maladorn Scroll, just released. I’ve really enjoyed these fantastical dips into the realm of Tenavae. They’re clean, the romance is sweet, and the premise is really unusual. It’s that uniqueness I like the most.
Fifteen-year-old Alora, raised in Montana, begins having visions that eventually lead to the discovery of her true identity. She’s not of this realm at all but was brought from another as an infant for her own protection. A realm of unique giftings. Alora is a bearer, meaning she can transport herself and others between worlds. And she soon finds she’s soul-mated to the green-eyed man of her visions. This is the rarest and most unusual bond of all. If one dies, both die. To live, they cannot be kept apart. To thrive, they must have (sweet) intimate contact. This doesn’t go over well Uncle Charles of Montana, who thinks his niece far t0o young for a boyfriend, let alone a soul mate, but it sure lends a twist to the story. Especially when Vindrake, Alora’s evil and ambitious blood father, would use it to his own advantage. And to Alora’s demise.
In book three, the secret to Vindrake’s power, is found, providing at last a means to destroy him. But that won’t prove easy. Maladorn Scroll features the same beloved characters, the same wonderful gifts and bonds of Tenavae, a new twist, and more of author Tamie Dearen’s own lovely gift of storytelling. Recommended for lovers of fantasy and light romance. Click on the cover images to grab them off Amazon.

The Maladorn Scroll (Alora, 3), by Tamie Dearen

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