Michelle Isenhoff


The Princess and the Goblin, by George MacDonald, 1872, Book Review

First published in 1872, The Princess and the Goblin is still a wonderful children’s story. I read an unabridged version that was a little wordier—more old-fashioned—than the abridged version I read in college, but I was amazed at all the layers of meaning I picked up on this time around that I missed back then. I […]

Henry and the Paper Route, by Beverly Cleary, 1957, Book Review

My boys absolutely love Henry Huggins. These books may be over fifty years old, but the world of Klickitat Street still rings true. Families still have dogs. Little sisters are still pests. Neighbor kids still have squabbles. And boys still have dreams. Henry and the Paper Route, ten-year-old Henry Huggins dreams of having a paper […]

Ramona and her Father, by Beverly Cleary, 1977, Book Review

Ramona and Her Father is another installment in the life of the Quimbys. Within, Mrs. Cleary maintains her characteristic anecdotal style, but she’s tied her chapters more fully together to give us a glimpse inside the mind of this precocious child. And to our surprise, we find a regular girl with logical reasons for her outlandish behavior. Ramona is […]

Tutorial: How to Sideload an E-Books to Your E-Reader

Did you know you don’t have to purchase a book directly from an online vendor to put it on your e-reader? If you spend a bit of time looking, you’ll find lots of places to procure free ebooks, including Project Gutenberg and Book Cave, and many libraries also utilize OverDrive to let you check out […]

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