Michelle Isenhoff

Michigan author

Surviving Me, by Reginald Raab, Book Review

If you are a boy, if you’ve ever been a boy, if you have sons or brothers, you will laugh out loud as you read this book.  Reginald Raab, language arts teacher at Pine Street Elementary, draws on some of his own experiences to create this most outrageous story.  From a bee sting/first date catastrophe, […]

Night of the Full Moon, by Gloria Whelan, Book Review

If you haven’t become acquainted with the work of Gloria Whelan, you are missing out on a rare treat. She writes with a gentle beauty that makes reading feel effortless. Truly, every sentence is crafted so carefully, so vividly, that I float right through them. And she applies imagery as an artist applies color, adding depth and fullness to every […]

Books by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos, Review

I made a useful discovery when I picked up my first Janie Lynn Panagopoulos book. She is a Michigan native, and her novels bring our state’s past to life for children. I have now read three of her books: Traders in Time, Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp, and Mark of the Bear Claw, and I […]

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