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Lessons From the Couch

I’ve been in recuperation mode for eighteen days now. I think I could have squeaked in my goal of a three week recovery time (a week less than the doc’s minimum–I’m so stubborn, aren’t I?) if I hadn’t sneezed. Yes, I pulled a not-quite-healed stomach muscle and I’ve been back to hobbling this week after feeling so good over the weekend. Alas, a few more days on the couch.
But the couch is a pretty good place to reflect. With the schedule I keep, I don’t sit on it often. Over the last  five days, however, I’ve blown through an amazing 1,600 pages, and before that I clocked a spectacular nine hours of movie time in one day. Unheard of! All this to say, the couch has taught me a lesson: there’s something to be said for loosening the rigidity of one’s schedule.
Does this mean I intend to become a couch potato? Ha! You don’t know me if you think so! But couch sitting does give one time to reflect, and there’s definitely some chains to be broken. One of the things I’m going to free myself from is the third weekly post on my blog. In fact, once my summer reading reviews run out (some time in December!), I might even drop to once a week. Again, unheard of! I intend to drop some other I-always-do-that activities as well. It’s not so much that I’m overwhelmed this year, I just don’t want to be so locked into place. Maybe I’m feeling rebellious, but I wanna do what I wanna do. Maybe I’ll post three times. Maybe I won’t want to. Either way, I won’t have to.
What I want to do most is get my latest book into print. Then I have a grain of an idea for a YA book that I’d like to start. But I don’t want to be confined to the writing schedule I keep last year, either. I intend to give myelf a full year to get it done. That means I get to have a life as well. *Sigh* Why is it that I must always remind myself about balance?
In the meantime, I’m feeling a little heavy on relaxation. I’m eager to get out walking, driving, even cooking again. As things get back to normal, I intend to continue mixing in the things I love with the things I must do, but I’m not going to let myself become bound by them.
Now a question for you: Do you ever feel like you have to do things that don’t really have to be done? What?

Lessons From the Couch

9 thoughts on “Lessons From the Couch

  1. Agree with Patricia. Damn those sneezes! I know I’ve had some that I tried to hold in (so as not to disturb a sleeping baby or the likes) that really ended up hurting. Here’s to a quick finishing recovery.
    And good luck loosening up that schedule. It’s rare that I allow myself time to just sit on the couch, but once I get over the guilt, I am usually happy for the relaxation that turning off the ol’ brain to just watch a movie brings.
    I’ve always been impressed with people who manage to blog more than once a week. I know that conventional wisdom (or at least as conventional as blogging allows) says that one should blog more than once a week, I’ve found that’s all I’m capable of doing/justifying with my schedule. And honestly, unless one is only following a couple of blogs, who has time to read that many posts in a week?
    So good luck and God speed!
    Paul D. Dail

    1. I do love to blog, but as I do so many reviews, the reading takes away great amounts of writing time. I like to do both, but balance doesn’t come easily for me. And you’re right about reading so many. I follow several favorite blogs, but I still pick and choose the posts I read.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have been going through the same thing after breaking my ankle. It is so hard for me to sit still, cancel things I wanted to do and not get outside for a walk. It has been a lesson for me to slow down (at least a bit). The cast is off as of today and I am in the boot so I cna put soem pressure on my foot. I just need to take it easy. Glad you are healing Michelle and try not to sneeze. Sounds like you have made good use of this down time.

    1. Impressive, huh? 🙂 And not at all normal. The highlight of my week was driving myself to the bank, lol. But I’m feeling MUCH better this morning, thank goodness. All of a sudden that muscle feels normal and I can walk upright again, thanks in large part, I’m sure, to the 1,600 pages and the nine hours of tv. 🙂

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