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When Inspiration Strikes…

BilboI’ve thought of an ending for my book. “And he lived happily ever after… to the end of his days.”
–Bilbo Baggins (
Lord of the Rings, Tolkien)
I could probably find a LOTR quote for most situations, lol, but today this one really applies. Like Bilbo, I’ve just thought up an ending for my series!
I’m on my second Taylor Davis book, closing in on 2/3 of its 60,000 words, with two more books in the planning stages, but the final scenes are written!! I had a few ideas I’d sketched out previously, but I was waiting to see exactly where the series was going and if a better idea would come along. It did.
I find I do some of my best thinking during the fog of early morning or late night. Maybe my brain is just free from the constraints of trying to organize my chaotic existence. At any rate, that’s when the creative juices seem to flow the best. I had staggered into the shower this morning and was trying to jolt myself awake (I don’t drink coffee, you see) when an idea hit me out of the blue. A perfect character name followed, and then the two final scenes unfolded in their entirety.
TaylorDavis_FlameOfFindul_cover nook
I threw a towel around myself and—dripping—pulled out my laptop to get it all written down before I lost it. I even went back later, after coherent daytime thought had taken over for a while, just to double-check the workability of my scenes. (Because sometimes my foggy creative juice moments have to be tempered later.) It’s good, solid stuff!
And now I wonder how I didn’t think of it earlier. It’s how the series has to end. There can be no other way. Some readers will love it, others definitely will not, but it fits. It’s perfect!
Not I just have to write the remaining 130,000 words…
Indie Life
When do you get your best ideas? What do you do when inspiration hits?
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When Inspiration Strikes…

7 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes…

  1. My best work time is early morning. Usually because the morning isn’t closing in on me, nor the day either. I make my self a cup of Lipton tea, with 1 cube of sugar, and I set it by my laptop. I breathe in. I read a chapter or two of the book I’m reading. I wait for good ideas to come for current book. Check emails (WOW! 27 on one, and 34 on the other! I’ll get them later!). Take sip of tea. Read another chapter or two. Type chapter in book. Re-read chapter. Delete all that rubbish. Type some more. Find it’s good. Keep typing. 🙂

  2. Yay, I love it when everything comes together and the ending writes itself. Glad you’re nearly done. If you feel it’s perfect — it must be. You now when you have it.
    When I worked, I wrote and meditated in the very early morning. But, now my time clock has changed, I’m more inspired to write late at night. But, I can write any time if inspired.

    1. I’m the opposite. I used to love late at night, but the busier my family gets, the more exhausted I am then. Morning has been better this time around, while my boys are working independently. And weekends. I love Saturdays.

  3. I often get ideas for my writing when walking on the beach. I have learned to carry a notebook to jot things down. Of course ideas appear at odd times like driving to work or late at night when trying to sleep.

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