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Month: January 2014

The Unicorn Chronicles, by Bruce Coville

The Unicorn Chronicles is a series written by Bruce Coville, a high quality epic fantasy stories for middle grade readers. I was directed to the Chronicles by Patricia Tilton of Children’s Books Heal. The creation of the series spanned ten years and includes four books. They reveal the monumental happenings in of the world of Luster, a […]

Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munoz Ryan

I’ve reached the end of my Friday posts. Esperanza Rising marks the last of the content I wanted to save from my self-hosted site. I’ll now be posting only once a week again, as I’m almost finished writing Song 2 and I’d like to finish Song 3 before school ends.  Sometimes a book comes out that […]

The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia), by C.S. Lewis, 1956

This one also posted only on my old self-hosted site. I had to include it here to complete the set! I’m always a little sad when I reach the end of a great series, no matter how many times I read it. Narnia is no exception. And The Last Battle certainly wraps up the series. It is […]

Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger, 2012

Keeper of the Lost Cities has been on my tbr list all summer. I know Shannon slightly through blog interaction, so I’m familiar with her shenanigans and her sparkling personality, and I watched her book travel through the publication process. I also adore the cover art, so of course I was curious to read it. […]

The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia), by C.S. Lewis, 1954

Once again I’ve been delighted by my journey through Narnia with my son. Like all the others, we finished The Horse and His Boy in a week because neither of us wanted to put it down. (Though not moving on to math had something to do with it, too, I’m sure.) Though late in the series, this […]

One Space or Two?

Indie Life is a monthly feature hosted by the Indelibles. You may have seen this post already. Last month I accidently scheduled it for today of 2013. Oops! I quickly rescheduled it, but it showed up in some inboxes. Sorry about that! I planned on posting about time management today, but I found myself in a […]

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