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The Quill Pen and Indie ReCon

Thank you to whoever nominated The Quill Pen to the first ever Indie ReCon Best Indie Novel Award. The book is up on the Indie ReCon contest website as we speak, awaiting votes. The winner receives a custom ebook cover design and a custom ebook format.
Voting began this morning and lasts until Thursday at 7:00 pm. Feel free to cast a vote. Or feel free to disregard this altogether. I said earlier that I’m not one to beg for such things. I’m simply pleased to have the book up on the Indie ReCon site where visitors can see it.
Speaking of Indie ReCon, it starts tomorrow at 10:00EST with a Twitter chat with indie goliaths JA Konrath and Barry Eisler. Events continue until Thursday. Are you an indie author or indie enthusiast? Check in at the Indie ReCon website (different from the contest) to keep tabs on what’s happening!

The Quill Pen and Indie ReCon

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