Michelle Isenhoff

Month: April 2014

Weight of the Crown (Princess Kandake series, book 2), by Stephanie Jefferson

I have just two more Emblazon titles lined up to share with you. I’ve been trying to read one from every author, but I keep finding myself drawn into entire series. Such is the case here. I read Stephanie’s Princess Kandake last spring, when I was screening authors to join me in the Emblazon group. […]

Arrow of the Mist, by Christina Mercer

Last time I promised you my favorite Emblazon title from over the winter. This one takes top honors! This book is a textbook example of what I love most about the children’s genres: a strong lead, incredible fantasy world, an imaginative plot, absolutely gorgeous prose, and a lingering depth to the story that I can […]

Our Choose-Your-Own Story

What began as a winter homeschool project has turned into a published book! This interactive choose-your-own story is the creation of my sons. (I wrote “ghost wrote” the final copy for them, only I put my name on it, too.) It’s now available in paperback and Kindle (just 99 cents!) formats. So far, it’s been a hit. One […]

Allegiant (Divergent, 3), by Veronica Roth

Wow! This was a very powerful, emotional ending to a kick-butt series. After being somewhat disappointed in book two, book three made a strong comeback. I regret having to read them each a year apart. I forgot a lot in between. Someday, I’ll go back and read them all again the same week. For those […]

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