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The Gypsy Pearl

Here’s another Emblazon title that I read this winter. I’m really, really excited about these next two. This one is my second favorite. It’s by one of my favorite authors–cheerleader extraordinaire and soon-to-be black belt, Lia London. You’ll have to tune in next time for my top favorite.
Okay, I wrote up a fantistic review for this one right after I read it and promptly lost it. A few weeks later, I wrote this one. I feel like it doesn’t quite do it justice. But the book was an easy five stars.
Gypsy PearlCaz doesn’t mean to get in trouble, but trouble always seems to find her. When a choice of punishments includes a penal institution on the Surface, she jumps at the chance. She’s always hated life on the Arxon, an Interplanetary City Station and has dreamed of visiting the Surface. This is her long-awaited opportunity! But she doesn’t count on the transport ship filled with gypsies. Or the bloody encounter with their creature and its life-altering results.
This is my favorite Lia London book so far (and I’ve read them all), but I’m not sure I can actually pinpoint why. Ms. London’s writing is always beautiful. She’s an artist who paints in words. The prose is always smooth and easy to read.  I do believe she’s getting better and better. Perhaps it’s because Caz is my favorite character. I quickly identified with this quirky kid. I sympathized with her, and I laughed out loud at some of the outrageous things she said. The adventure is definitely part of it, as well. The plot led in some unexpected directions. But the ordinary gets a special touch, too. I especially loved rediscovering wind and smells and dirt with someone who had never experienced them before.
Squeaky Award
The mystery has me to eagerly await the next installment, which leads me to my one complaint. Three times Lia has written book one of a series. I want to read a book two. 🙂
This one, please!
Grab a 3.99 copy on Amazon.
Lia also wrote Magian High, which just got an awesome new cover, designed by Emblazoner Mikey Brooks. You can see it and my review here.

The Gypsy Pearl

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  1. Even though you lost your first review, this one was lovely. Sounds like an excellent read. I loved your comment that Lia is “an artist that paints in words.” That makes me want to read the story.

    1. Lia is a beautiful wordsmith. She has a real knack for artistry in her prose. The book I’m going to feature next week is by another (emblazon) author who uses stunningly picturesque prose. That’s why these two were my favorite reads this winter. Because that gorgeous language is my favorite thing about literature.

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