Michelle Isenhoff


Thirteen Treasures, by Michelle Harrison, 2010, Book Review

Tanya can see fairies. Unfortunately, she can’t explain away the odd things that always seem happen to her because no one else can see them. So Tanya ends up holding the blame each time they cause mischief. And now her mother has had enough. Tanya is being sent on an extended visit to her grandmother’s […]

The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa, 2010, Book Review

“We were born of the dreams and fears of mortals…” The fey, the immortal, the faeries–they’ve always been out there, but Meghan never saw them till the day she turned sixteen. The day they came for her four-year-old brother. This delightful new tale draws from a pair of Shakespearean plays. Oberon, Titiana and Puck, from […]

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