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OFFENDER, by Michael Brooks

I want to share with you a book for which I had the privilege of being an advanced reader. It just released in early June and is being offered at a discounted price for a limited time. I believe that’s through the end of June, which is why I didn’t wait a full week to post again. As of this morning, the .99 price is still effective.

Here’s my review:

There are few books I have read that sucked me in so quickly and so completely. I picked this one up with reservations, the “arena” in the description making me fear it might be another Hunger Games knockoff. It isn’t. There are similarities, but Offender reminds me more of ancient Rome than Panem, with gladiator-style fighting like that which took place in the Coliseum. Understand, I don’t watch gladiator movies because I can’t stomach them, and I did struggle with the immediate, hand-to-hand nature of the fighting in this book. But I’d no sooner turn my Kindle off than I’d turn it back on because I had to see what happened. The storytelling is superb. It’s fast-paced and high stakes, with excellent world-building and a few main characters I really cared about. And the prose? Smooth and spot on—a pleasure to read.

Grab OFFENDER while the deal lasts.

Offender is currently only available on Amazon. (And enrolled in KU.)

OFFENDER, by Michael Brooks

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