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King of Malorn, by Annie Douglass Lima

A couple weeks ago, I promised you three reviews over the next three weeks. Well, uh, I switched web hosts and can’t seem to figure out the new scheduler. Last week’s post is still sitting in my draft folder. Sigh. I’ll try again. In the meantime, I’ll publish this week’s manually.

I’ve highlighted Annie Douglass Lima’s fantastical Annals of Alasia series before. The fifth and final book just released on Amazon, and it’s my favorite of the five. Books one and two start out with very young protagonists, making them great for middle graders. But they grow up, both in age, in experience, character, and in love, giving this series a young adult feel by the end. But it’s perfectly clean all the way through, so it’s still appropriate for young readers who pick it up.

Let me summarize the premise for those who don’t click on the link above. Alasia and Malorn are neighboring kingdoms who find themselves at war. By the time the schemers are apprehended (some of them, anyway) and brought to justice, power shifts to the younger generation in both nations. This war is described from multiple perspectives in books 1-4. The characters all interact and overlap, making it a most interesting way to build a fantasy world. (Not to mention, the betrayals, sword fights, alliances, close escapes, cultures, and villains that make for some entertaining reading!)

In book five, all these stories come together, bringing the series full circle. This is the longest of the books, with the young rulers together in an entirely new adventure as they cement their power (not without some MAJOR hiccups)  and friendship and lead the recovering nations forward. Good stuff, and highly, highly recommended.

King of Malorn is currently 99 cents on Amazon, and it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, for those of you with a subscription. Check it out!

King of Malorn, by Annie Douglass Lima

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